Web 2.0 In a Box?

I think the idea is cool. Here is the announcement. Here are couple of snippets from the column.

The Intel partnership offers small businesses and work groups inside larger companies “Web 2.0 in a box,” by improving on internal and external communication systems, the report said.

Intel’s partners include Six Apart, a leading maker of blog publishing software, Socialtext, a provider of a form of group blogging software known as wikis, and NewsGator and SimpleFeed, providers of instantly updated news feeds. SpikeSource packages the software and provides technical support.

Socialtext said SuiteTwo will cost a business $175 to $200 a year per user, or about $15 to $17 per month.

So there is a business model after-all. I wonder whether a blog, a wiki, a feed reader mix can be called Web 2.0 In a Box? Google already has all this (with JotSpot purchase) and more (like a word processor and a spreadsheet). Microsoft is likely to jump in with its own bundle. What is Intel’s competitive advantage, I wonder.

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 In a Box?

  1. Hi! This is Oscar from Spain. Well, this could happen sooner or later. The Web 2.0 is on sale…I think this is the best way of fighting the Microsoft Office supremacy but at the same time it loose its original idea: an open web app for everybody. Time will tell.

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