I Envy Jeff

Technical Evangelism is one of most favorite jobs. If I did not have my little startup, I would be jumping up and applying for this one. I think it is cool, because:

  • You are interacting with customers
  • You are telling them interesting stories (not just what your product does but also why it was built, how it was built and how it is being used
  • The questions you get give you great ideas about how your product is being perceived
  • You get to do cool demos
  • You get to be techie without writing lots of code

Jeff Barr is one of the most engaging evangelists I know. He not only talks about Amazon webservices but also about general trends in the industry and patterns of usage of their web services. I heard him three times and every time, I have noticed packed rooms, lots and lots of questions. What else can you ask for?

While the job is cool in itself, Jeff makes it seem effortless. I think there is some co-evolution of coolness between the job and Jeff.

P.S: I changed the title of the post. I thought it read ok, at first, but later some how felt that what I really envy is, Jeff doing such a great job of his job.

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