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A Crash Course on Learning is an engaging blog post. As I kept reading it, I kept nodding and saying to myself “that is cool. I need to integrate it into my teaching and writing”. The blog is about Creating Passionate Users. A great resource.

  • Learning is a form of co-creation between the learner and the learning experience
  • The benefit and/or reason why you should learn something needs to come before the actual content
  • We are all visual creatures, and the brain can process visual information far more efficiently than words
  • the more senses you engage, the greater the potential for retention and recall
  • Knowing what NOT to include is more important in learning design than knowing what TO include
  • Try to place facts, concepts, procedures, examples in a bigger context
  • Humans have been learning from stories for, well, a really really really long time

As a learner, I can relate to many of the points the author makes. Ever since I read about Multiple Intelligence a few years ago, I have been a great believer in its effectiveness.

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