What is Your Level of Awareness?

One of the important aspects of building successful products is an extreme sense of awareness. Awareness about your product(s), your customers, your customer's customers, your competition, your segment of the industry and many others. In addition, you may also want to track short term and long term trends, new companies being funded and how they relate to your products and services (long term and short term). You also need to be aware of big trends caused by the major players in your industry, their partners.

Awareness involves self-awareness first (the hardest part), then being conscious of your environment, and being congnizant of the actual problems at hand.

Becoming more aware means become conscious of more: more facts, more objects, more opinions, more sensations, more perceptions, more feelings, more thoughts. We strive to see more pieces of any given puzzle. Being aware of more is the first step in beginning to see connections between ideas.

How do you cope ?

What techniques do you use?

How good is your peripheral vision?

How do you increase your awareness?

The quotes above are from Jim Canterucci (author of Personal Brilliance