How to Read Mathematics

When I was a small kid, my grandfather used to teach me how to read English. I was born in India, so we did not get to reading English till we were 6 or 7. His technique was simple. He would mark portions of a sentence with a vertical mark (in pencil). He told us that we need to pause at the vertical bar, at comma and a pause a bit more at the period.

I wish I had seen this article on How to Read Mathematics, when I was young, since it was one of my favorite subjects. This is a profound statement, a quote in the article, made me take a quick read.

“Reading Mathematics … involves a return to the thinking that went into the writing” (ibid page 16).

Here are a list of things to do (in a nutshell).

  • Don’t miss the big picture
  • Don’t be a passive reader
  • Don’t read too fast
  • Make the idea your own
  • Make sure that you are the intended audience

The Example of Mathematical writing towards the end, is a clear step by step dialog on applying these techniques.

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4 thoughts on “How to Read Mathematics

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    1. Shai,
      Congratulations. It is no mean feat to write a book of this type. I will check it out. Let me know how I can help. I can blog about it, tweet about its availability (will do right away). I strongly believe in this cause and the need to increase awareness of how to learn. A book like this will go a long way to help.

      If there is any way, I can help, please let me know.

  2. Went to Amazon and found that it was sold out. Put it on my wish list. I would love to get a version on Kindle. Right now I am in India and buy all my books on Kindle. Anyway, if it is available when I get back to US in mid April, will try to get a copy.

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