Blogs For Business

Here is nice post titled Does Your Business Need a Blog?

While describing the potential uses of a blog the author lists a few.

  • A blog can be your entire website for your company
  • Build “Buzz” with a product specific blog
  • Create an ecommerce storefront (see T-Shirt King)
  • Create a customer service desk to provide FAQs, Q&A, and post a knowledgebase.
  • Create a corporate intranet portal to update employees and collaborate with partners
  • Use a blog as a Project Management tool for large projects

I think this is a great way to look at blogs. Imagine starting a business and having the need for a web presence. The fastest way to start is to create a blog. Since tools like WordPress allow you to create other pages and link them to your home page, you can start building your website incrementally.

The author promises to have a seven part series on this topic. Definitely worth watching.

Found this through Random Walking on the Internet