LinkLog: Semantic Web

Semantic Web from A Chat with Dave Beckett

Semantic Web…it’s about connecting things together, about getting the jobs done

If every one uses the semantic web data formats, they all connect together.

I think data centric approach is better than API centric approach, because the data will live longer than APIs.

The Semantic Web in one slide from POWDER – Smarter Navigation On The Web

• Allows machines to process the meaning of data

• Data is distributed and extensible

• Machines can automatically deduce facts and relationships

• (which means you can offer users more of what they want and less of what they don’t want)

LinkLog: Enhancing the semantics of your web pages

A simple, easy to understand introductory video on RDF, triples, how to embed RDF in XHTML (known as RDFa)

  • A triple consists of subjects, predicates, objects
  • subjects and objects typically represent resources (people, places, events)
  • predicates represent relationships
  • A vocabulary provides a set of common (shared) understanding of relationships
  • You can embed RDF triples in a very simple easy way in your web pages, thereby enhancing the semantic content

This video is shortest simplest demonstration on how to do this: