Triples and Congruence

Triples and the congruence of triples are recurring patterns in life. Here are a few ( a random collection).

Mother, Father and Teacher
In India there is a saying Mother, Father and Teacher are your visible Gods. They also happen to be your first teachers. I did not realize it at that time, but this is one of the earliest triples I recall learning about.

Subject, Predicate, Object
Subject, Predicate, Object are the components of a universal triple that form most of the statements.

Kartha, Karma, Kriya
In Sanskrit, Kartha – the doer of action, Karma – the action, and Kriya – the deed, are the basic components of a sentence too.

Heard in Yahoo Groups

About a month ago, some kind soul posted “Three Things” in a yahoo group called Fun and Fun Only.

Time, Words, Opportunity
Three things in life that, once gone, never come back. I understand the bit about time. Never seem to have enough of it now. Yet when I was younger there used to be endless summers of boredom. While time may not come back, you can actually go back in time in memories.

Love, Self-confidence, Friends

Three things in life that are most valuable. I tend to agree. But I am little surprised about the order.

Heard From a Friend

I heard from my friend Naren Kini, a couple of triples with congruence. From a comment on What Really Matters by Naren.

Thoughts that inspire, Actions we love, Results that give meaning to life
We need to be driven by congruence of 3 circles. Often these 3 may be different. When I carefully reflect on all these 3 what distills out is congruence of 3 which is enlightened me totally in JOY & AT PEACE.

Competence, Passion, Drivers
At an organizational level:

1. what is that in which we have competence to be world class.
2. what is that product/ process about which we are passionate.
3. what drives economic engine of organization.
Often these 3 may be different. When we carefully reflect on all these 3 what distills out is congruence of 3 which is enlightened ORGANISATION totally in JOY & AT PEACE which is roaring to go come what may.

The techie triples

The triples in a techie world (could not resist this one):

Simplicity, Predictability, Extensibility
Three qualities of software

Laziness, Impatience, Hubris
The virtues of a programmer from Larry Wall

Subject, Predicate, Object
These are called RDF Triples used in the framework for the Semantic Web

6 thoughts on “Triples and Congruence

  1. Dorai,

    Kudos. I know we spoke briefly about the subject and discussed. I love the way you captured the “three” element of the discussion. Thanks for sharing!!! Not to forget the religious triples (Father, Son and the Holy Ghost), Brahma, Vishnu Maheshwara the Creator, Protector and the Destroyer etc..

  2. Some more triplets
    1. Not to forget RBG(Red blue green) Color coding in TV, Computers.
    2. Satwa-Rajas-Tamas Gunas which create the entire universe.
    3. Masonic trinity Sun-Moon-Earth
    4. Nama rupa karma (Name – Form – Function) which make up the entire world
    5. Gopal krishnan of Infosys used the term (Infrastructure-Governance-Education)

    Triad is always better than diad or monad.

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