Restarting My Read Log

I am restarting my Read Log. A read log is a blog of a list of things I read and find useful. I tweet some of them but Tweets have a short half-life.

The inspiration for Read Log comes from different sources – Four short links by Nat, Brain Pickings from Maria, Farnam Street by Shane, and a few others.

Some of the best bloggers I know work hard at writing their posts and sometimes I feel like I am cheating. But these posts are worth sharing and if I am lucky, some of them may even start conversations.

Learning Without Learning

Most of my school and college life was spent in learning lots of facts. I also learned principles and concepts but not in any coherent manner. I was not sure why I was learning, what I was learning. Our teachers (if they knew), forgot to tell us the “Whys?”. Some of this learning was fun and enjoyable and reasonably effortless but some of it was not.
When I started working, I started learning by doing. This was way more fun since I had a context on why I had to learn certain things. I retained my knowledge better since Iusing it. When you learn by doing or learn so that you can use it, the style is very different. You learn on demand and if some of what you are learning does not make sense, you dig deeper and try to find out why something works the way it does. I will call this as exploratory learning and it certainly is a lot more effective.
I think people will learn better, if:
  1. They know why they are learning (learning by understanding the larger context)
  2. They are allowed to explore (learning by exploring and discovering)
  3. They are challenged by tasks that require learning (learning by doing)
  4. They have the freedom to learn in their own ways (Seven freedoms of Learning)
  5. We make learning as interesting as playing games
 If you are interested in this topic, please see How People Learn and Seven Freedoms of Learning.