Resources: Parallel Programming Research

Parallel Path from Berkeley, CA

I got this from ACM Tech News. Look at the links below the article. They lead to some cool resources.

Parallel Computing Lab, Berkeley, CA

Download the presentation from this page. It has a wealth of useful information.

Parallel Programming Model Watch

There is not just one model for parallel programming. I watch this page (with InfoMinder)

Dwarf Mine

A dwarf is an algorithmic method that captures a pattern of computation and communication.

I blogged about 13 dwarfs last year. I guess, they now changed the title to Dwarf Mine to keep the idea of mining more patterns.

Research at Intel

Intel, Microsoft have lots of efforts going on in this area. They fund research (like this Berkeley paralabs initiative). Sun is active too.

Parallel Programming will have the deepest impact on a wide variety of solutions to computational problems. It is an exciting area to follow.

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