Blog as a Tool for Learning

I was looking at Open Education (thanks to Stephen), and found this fragment on how to use blogs for the course:

Each week you should read the assigned material and blog answers to the questions for the week, or simply complete assignments for weeks when there are no readings or questions. Your blogging should demonstrate your understanding of the assigned reading material and should include original thoughts and synthesis. Don’t just summarize readings. Making connections between the week’s readings and either previous readings or previous blogging (of your own or of other students!) is strongly encouraged.

The site contains a lot of information if you are interested in this space.

2 thoughts on “Blog as a Tool for Learning

  1. Please refer RecordWhatYouLearn, ShareWhatYouLearn, ExposeYourIgnorance, ConfrontYourIgnorance Patterns in Apprenticeship Patterns.

    This book essentially covers the whole process of getting “experience” in all its subtleties.

    It’s surprising I found so much of an intersection on your blog-site and what I’m searching and doing myself. This blog is the first one in which I found the most useful posts and also the one on which I’ve commented so much.

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