On 15 Minute Bursts of Creativity

This article on 15 minute bursts of creativity is a good find. I believe I found it on @hackernews, which is a treasure trove of information. I resonate a lot with it.

A few thoughts:

  1. While I am not sure about the 15 minute bursts (I have not experimented with it), occasional bursts of creativity are good ones to record. I do it on my wiki but will try it here inspired by this article on daily blogging. A blog post is just the starting point of an idea.
  2. The concept of activation potential of information is a nice way to look at information.
  3. The concept of accessibility to the brain shows up a lot in the article. The real deal is not 15 minutes or any other bursts, but the persistence in keeping at it daily.

If you are interested in looking at all this from a different point of view, please read “Deep Work” by Can Newport.