Technology Intelligence

A knowledge of the potential of personal computers made Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Intel and many others.

Creating a directory of resources for the internet made Yahoo and realizing the amazing power of search to organize information made Google.

Taking advantage of the web to initially sell books and later to sell almost every consumer product made Amazon.

Leveraging the power of connecting people on the web  turned Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to powerful social and business networks.

Betting early on chips for mobile computing got x, y, z to where they are.

Realizing their strength in graphic processors to deep learning processors made Nvidia the market leader in AI/ML/DL hardware.

I can go on, but you get the picture.

Each one of the companies realized the power of new technologies and their power to build businesses that changed the world.

There are both micro-trends and macro-trends that act as shape shifters of markets, economies and even the power of the people.

That is what inspire us to follow technology shifts and look at endless possibilities. That is why we think every modern business needs to devote some time to invest in “Technology Intelligence”. Technology Intelligence is the ability to understand the power of an emerging technology to create innovations and have an impact.