A Few of my Heroes

The list is long. I will start with a few here (in the order in which I discovered them in my life).

  1.  Marie Curie – For being a source of inspiration and a role model. I  just recalled that I read about her before I read any other stories from the list below.
  2. P.G.Wodehouse – for his amazing sense of humor and creating an interest in language
  3. Arthur C Clarke, Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and Larry Niven for their imagined possibilities and long term predictions.
  4. Doug Engelbart – for his efforts in Augmenting Human Intellect and for his other amazing ideas (bootstrapping, co-evolutions, improving improvement)
  5. Paul Graham for his wonderful, thought-provoking essays
  6. Tim O’Reilly  and his advice on “Creating more Value than you can capture”
  7. Steve Blank for demystifying entrepreneurship
  8. Seth Godin for his idea viruses
  9. Peter Norvig  – for being a big source of inspiration in demystifying complex topics (like Machine Learning and AI)