ReadLog – On Education

I thought that the main aim of education is to make better citizens. It turns out that citizenship aim is just one of the many aims of education.

Another aim of education may be to improve literacy and the power of critical thinking so that citizens make better decisions – about their life, community, and humanity. And then I stumbled upon this article that describes several aims of education:

1. Knowledge Aim of Education 2. Vocational Aim of Education 3. Character Aim of Education 4. Cultural Aim of Education 5. All-round Development Aim of Education 6. Complete Living Aim of Education 7. Spiritual Aim of Education 8. Citizenship Aim of Education 9. Democratic Aim of Education

If you want to fulfill some of the aims of education, How Would You Reimagine Learning? This IDEO article has a few visions about the future of Learning.

Global Education Market Intelligence shows you various organizations trying to serve the education industry.