Tips for Conducting Online Workshops

  1. Keep the talking part of sessions between 20-40 minutes.
  2. Have 2 or 3 sessions distributed through the day.
  3. Have people work on things individually or in small groups.
  4. Identify clear (intermediate) deliverables each day.
  5. Let people present/showcase their work in the final session.
  6. Set up a system to track engagement
  7. Create a system of #LearningAnalytics and #TeachingAnalytics (even simple metrics are good to have in the beginning)

There are lots of research papers on #LAK (Learning Analytics and Knowledge).

We did 1 to 6 (above) for our first workshop.

Working on 7 for future events.


1. – a 5-minute video on drop out rates.

2. Research papers (free for now)