On Intelligence – Two Views

Anitha sent me a link and asked for my opinion about this article – Artificial Intelligence or Intelligence Augmentation. What’s in a name?

She likes everything in brief – ideally 100 words. Me, I like to pontificate, take my time (in words, I mean), and ramble a bit.

There are three reasons why I think AI as Augmenting Human Intelligence:

  1. Humans have to be in the loop to teach AI. In supervised learning, they are designing the training sets, doing feature engineering and other tweaks. In reinforcement learning they are provided with feedback through reinforcement signals.
  2. Humans will figure out where to apply AI, how to apply AI and how to interpret and improve the results.
  3. There may be some situations when the AI may be autonomous – like in space robots or in some hazardous situations where humans cannot get involved in real time.

As AI learns more and discovers new insights, humans will use them to move them to the next higher level. In my opinion, humans and AI co-evolve. This is the process of Augmenting Human Intelligence.