How to Get Your First Programming Job

I came across this interesting thread – How did you get your first Python job? 

Many ideas in this thread apply to finding other software jobs when you don’t have prior job experience to show. Some of the techniques (from this thread and others):

  1. Create useful apps (in your favorite language) and give them away.
  2. Work on open source projects. I know a few people who were hired by open source project teams.
  3. Create a YouTube video explaining how you developed this software and how it works.
  4. Tweet that you are interested in working on your favorite language – Python/Ruby/PHP/Java
  5. Try to find companies that use your favorite language and try to get internships while still in college.
  6. Find out how your favorite language is used along with other relevant skills. For example, if you want a web application development job, besides your favorite language what other skills are needed. For Python web app development it may be Djano/Flask or some other web framework, for Ruby, it is Ruby on Rails, for PHP it may be Code Igniter. In addition to the framework, it helps if you know some HTML, Javascript, CSS
  7. Try to get some part time assignments in your favorite language. You can do this even when you are in college.
  8. Participate in discussion forums and answer questions with code samples. These questions will give you problems to work on. Solving these problems help others and let you learn.
  9. Create a web presence ( is a great resource) and mention what you do. Keep them updated.
  10. Blog about your efforts. Include code snippets, pointers to your github pages. Tweet these blog posts (or make them your email signature)

Keep following this thread  nd other similar threads on Quora for more ideas.