Ten Suggestions For Pitching Your Product/Service

I was at a recent event where several budding startups pitched to a guest panel. They were mostly looking for feedback. After listening to about 8 pitches, I talked to the presenters and made some suggestions. I started thinking about the event and felt that I should write down a few things about pitching. Please note that these are very subjective. I am writing them to generate a conversation and most of these are just my opinions. Take them with a pinch of salt.

Ten Suggestions for Pitching.

  1. Know why you are pitching
  2. Know your audience
  3. What is your one minute pitch?
  4. Focus on  your business (not just the product or service).
  5. Know your market and show it
  6. Talk about your (potential) customers and their problems
  7. Start with a story. Make sure that the story is relevant to your business.
  8. Tell more stories about your research, your assumptions, your conversations with prospects and your discoveries
  9. Show you understand your business – market, revenues, customer segments and what takes to get the business going
  10. Ask your questions and elicit feedback and help.

I will expand on these points in future posts.  But your pitch may be very different depends on whom you are pitching to and why you are pitching.