Five Ways We Can Help Students

I keep talking to lots of students and have some ideas on how we (at educational institutions and community) can help them. Here are some thoughts.

  1. Encourage curiosity. Curious kids learn a lot more.
  2. Help them explore. Give them broad exposure and have them explore on their own. Exploration helps satisfy their curiosity.
  3. Help them become  self-learners.Teaching them how to learn is more challenging since you need to customize it for different learning styles.
  4. Encourage them to be creative. When they come up with ideas, help them work through ideas .
  5. Help them increase their confidence. I have seen lots of students very capable, but do not venture into trying out new things because they do not have the confidence.

There may be lots of ways we can help. I just picked a few.  Let me know your thoughts.

Edit 1st Aug 2014

Will start collecting articles on the “Purpose of Education” and list them here.

What Is The Purpose Of Education?



2 thoughts on “Five Ways We Can Help Students

  1. 6. That education is a life long process and grades and examinations are just tools. Do not mean anything once you learn to use your education.

    7. Experiment in using your education. Push the boundaries and it is okay to fail. Fail small. Learn from the failures.

    8. Pass on the learning to your peers, superiors and juniors. Your boss may also be an eager learner or will appreciate the fact that you have taken control of a certain corner.

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