Three Posts Worth Reading – On Shifts

These three posts are certainly worth reading. Why these three? One is a great report on industry shifts from one of the most influential thinkers in the industry. The second is another kind of shift – about the personal experience in shifting from one startup community to another. The third is an interesting shift – from emphasis on content to stimulating conversations.

Reflecting on Generational Changes

If you move beyond the insights from any single speaker or the announcements at the event (all were widely reported by re/code and others and new this year by re/code partner CNBC), one theme just keeps coming back to me—the vast difference in tone and content between the incumbents and the challengers, between legacy and disruptors, between the old guard and the new, or whatever labels you want to use. We talk all the time about the transition of our industry from one era to another (and don’t forget the term “post-PC” was first used in this very forum) and the conference provides a microcosm expressed through leaders of these transitions taking place.

My journey into the Berlin startup scene

I believe in the Silicon Valley / startup approach to problem-solving. I think there are a vast many ways that the human condition can be improved by applying this approach, and that we’ve only just scratched the surface with the startups that exist today.

Content is not king, conversations are:

if you want to be in business, you need to have business conversations. Conversations with your customers, with your prospects, with your leaders and your followers. So I’m of the belief that content isn’t “King” at all: Conversations are King!

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did.