From Data to Insights – A Nice Story of Planet Discovery

Astronomers are probably one of the most data intensive people. They use data  for observation and discovery. They use some of the insights from data to find and analyze more data. Here is a classic example – From Kepler Data, Astronomers Find Galaxy Filled With More but Smaller Worlds

The new planets were culled from 3,601 candidates previously found by Kepler, using a new statistical technique known as verification by multiplicity. The method vastly reduces the need for outside telescopic observations to verify suspected planets in batches. It works only for multiple-planet systems, but as Dr. Lissauer and his colleagues pointed out, that includes about 40 percent of the Kepler candidates.

There is more to come, the astronomers said. The present results are based on a statistical analysis of only the first two years of Kepler data. There is two more years’ worth to go, and several hundred more planets are likely to be verified.