Competitive Environment – Pieces of a Puzzle

If run any kind of business, this book  Competitive Intelligence Advantage: How to Minimize Risk, Avoid Surprises, and Grow Your Business in a Changing World is worth a read.

Here is a picture from the book that talks about Competitive Environment (with due acknowledgement) an amazingly clear picture that demystifies Competitive Intelligence.



I will provide a brief summary once I finish the book. Sheena demystifies a lot of confusing terms like Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, Competitor Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence and a whole lot of others.

This book provides  a compelling argument about why every company should pay attention to competitive intelligence. Sheena provokes a lot of reflection about information, intelligence and a context in which you can think about them. .


2 thoughts on “Competitive Environment – Pieces of a Puzzle

  1. Does your Competition Minder product provide insights into these same components of the competitive Environment?

    1. Yes. Raghu. They can use both InfoMinder and TopicMinder to gather information from various websites. What our tools provide is raw information. The person in charge of researching competitive environment can use this information, do some analysis and derive insights. Right now we scan the web, RSS feeds. We will soon be adding ways to get this information from Twitter as well.

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