Five of My Favorite Predictions from Future Magazine

I always liked Future Magazine. I even subscribed to it for a while. Hope they have a digital version now so that I can subscribe again. Here are 10 (bold) predictions about the future. Five of my favorite ones:

  1. We will revive recently extinct species.
  2. Doctors will see brain diseases many years before they arise.
  3. Buying and owning things will go out of style.
  4. Quantum computing could lead the way to true artificial intelligence.
  5. The future of science is in the hands of crowd sourcing amateurs.

Why only five? I like all of them but I don’t understand some and mainly I did not want to reproduce the entire list here. Link to  all the 10 predictions and details.

As you look at these predictions, it may be interesting to reflect a bit on their impact on our lives in the next few years.