Most Popular Tech Jobs in 2013 According to LinkedIn

LinkedIn Analysis of job activity in 2013.

LinkedIn took a look at the skills and employment history of over 259 million members to determine what the most popular skills were this year. Based off new jobs added by people with select skills and recruiter search activity, the company found that social media marketing led the way followed by mobile development, cloud and distributed computing, Ruby, Python and Perl coding languages, and statistical analysis.

Some thoughts on the analysis.

  • Skills and employment history – I can understand skills, but missing the point on employment history.
  • New jobs added – Probably from employment data? Or is it based on their own product usage patterns
  • Recruiter search activity – This is probably one of the most relevant indicators. Wonder what percentage of recruiters search on LinkedIn?

If you’re looking to pick up a new skill or job in the New Year, tech might be a good place to start. See the full list of LinkedIn’s most in-demand job skills of 2013.

If you are a developer, start investing some time on the skills mentioned in the article. If you are a company with a certain amount of IT, you may want to look at what your peers do. If you are an IT staffing company, you may want to build a knowledge base of some of these skills.

In addition you may want to proactively research some of the emerging trends.