I Asked – “How Many of You Want Internship?”

I was addressing a group of students yesterday. I walked into the class and my goal was simple – to get them to spend some time learning programming during the Christmas holidays.

I asked them “How many of you want internship?”

Almost all the hands went up.

I asked “How many of you know how to get an internship?”

None did.

I asked “Why do you want internship?”

A few mumbled “to learn”. Surprised that no one said “to earn”

At least they have the right focus. I spent the next 30 or so minutes talking about various opportunities to learn and some time earn. I promised to set up a page with links to some starting points – Resources for Students.

Finally I threw then a challenge:

If before summer, this year, you can learn one programming language and build a small app (webapp, mobile app, game app or any other kind) that is useful, I will find you an internship.

I have no idea, how I was going to do that (finding the internship part) if every member of that class performs. But that will be a good problem to have.

4 thoughts on “I Asked – “How Many of You Want Internship?”

  1. Hi dorai..at campustiger we nurture student entrepreneurship initiatives.
    students can partner with us in design,apps,new product development.
    will be glad to provide good opportunity to students.

    Venkatesh bg

    1. Thanks Venkatesh.

      Do you take interns? Or help students get internships? In either case, can you answer any or all of the questions, listed in this post?

      You may want to consider listing yourself in internships @ software startups FB group. But how do students come to know about you? I mean what are the channels through which you approach students?


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