Impact of Cloud Computing – Part 2

As Cloud Computing‘s adoption increases, it starts changing the way Businesses, Governments work. Here are a few links (one small sample) of how Cloud impact industries and governments. As it spreads, it will change the business models, IT delivery models and even the way governments (local and global) work together.

There will be a few outlier applications like Cloud as Brain which are now in their infancy but have lots of interesting future possibilities.

Cloud Computing Seen Cutting Into 2014 IT Industry Growth

Greater corporate use of cloud computing services will drag down revenue growth for information technology hardware and software suppliers, says Barclays in its 2014 global technology outlook.

“We believe the deflationary impact from the cloud ($1 spent on cloud infrastructure actually results in several dollars coming out of other IT end markets) should prevent IT spending from growing meaningfully in 2014 and 2015,” said the Barclays report. “We believe global IT spending will remain challenged in the lower single-digit growth range,” the report said.

but (the cloud) still creates opportunities for the next wave of tech companies

How Cloud Computing Will Help Your Small Business

Faster Testing for New Ideas

Since everyone has access to company documents, employees and teams can test out new ideas and models in real-time. There are no messy email chains, no stacks of copied documents, and no memos floating between desks. If you’re trying a new strategy, a new plan for a project, or new creative work, everyone in and out of the office is involved at once, increasing efficiency. Answers about whether the new implements are effective come much faster since ideas and results are there immediately for everyone to see.

Among the most promising ones are faster iteration of new ideas and easier IT.

Cloud as a Brain Platform

On November 14th, IBM announced it was opening up its Jeopardy-winning Watson technologies as a cloud service and development platform.

To enable these “Watson-powered” applications, IBM’s offering has three parts:

A Watson Development Cloud (which some are labeling the “Watson Cloud”) that includes tools and an API to attract application developers.

A content store that serves as an information clearinghouse for data providers.

A talent network of people with the skills for cognitive development.

Cloud Computing May Save U.S. Government $20 Billion A Year

A new study suggests that adoption of cloud offerings — particularly Platform as a Service middleware and application development tools — can cut the cost of U.S. government application development costs to the tune of $20.5 billion a year.

G2G and Cloud: Five Counties Work Together in the Cloud

Five southeast Michigan counties are collaborating using cloud computing. The chief elected officials of Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Livingston and St. Clair counties announced Wednesday that they are utilizing G2G Cloud Solutions to improve services and efficiency while saving taxpayers money.


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