Learning Programming In a Classroom vs. Interning

The difference between learning in a classroom vs. interning:

In the classroom, you’re given projects that are meant to test what you already learned, rather than send you on an excursion to find out what’s possible. Further, you don’t usually have to form a meaningful discussion out of describing the technical details of your project with people who aren’t programmers. When your academic experience of programming is one of being the carpenter that sits behind the scenes and quietly builds projects to predefined specifications, suddenly being given the command of an entire ship and being asked to lead an expedition to a new place is both exciting and daunting.

Here are some strong reasons to intern at startups and community efforts like Learning Games Network. 

  1. You are sent on small expeditions where you need to learn things by yourself. Good organizations give you broad specifications and enable you to explore.
  2. You are allowed to fail and learn from failures. You can try different methods and different approaches.
  3. You get guidance when you need it but good organizations give you time to learn at your pace and figure it out for yourself.
  4. You get to watch and learn from experts and peers. Some times, you learn things that you may not even know that you need to know.
  5. The best part of internship – you learn how to learn, one of the most empowering skills you can get at an early stage of your life.