Startup Advice: Work Hard To Get Customers

Some great advice here from Sameer Mehta an Angel Investor

Work hard to get the customers. The best sources of goodwill are people who respect your service, and who are willing to pay for it over periods of time, right. If you work hard, if you gain your customers, there is nothing like it. I see a lot of people come to us for fund-raising. They work harder to raise capital from investors like us versus the customers they should concentrate on. At the end of the day, customers are what keep you afloat; they don’t take equity from you, they normally pay you in advance. They don’t ask for anything else in return, other than good service. I think, if you work hard and treat your customers with respect and give what they need, you will do well.

Sameer is right. The best money you get is the one you get from customers:

  1. It validates your value proposition
  2. It helps you focus on how to deliver greater and greater value
  3. It gives you some focus and the right priorities

The only thing you want to make sure is that the customer category you address is reachable and in significant numbers to take you to your next milestone.

Here is the full link to another excellent article from  Your Story by Murali D