A Couple of Pieces of Startup Advice

Present your startup idea to anyone who will listen. And even to those who won’t. Startups do not reward security and safety. If you are hesitant about exposing your idea to others, you won’t be able to expose it to prospects, customers and investors. Don’t expect constant support, either. Most people will say something like, “yeah, that sounds good. You should do it.” What you are looking for are those few who ask good questions or who challenge your thinking process and research.

Get really, really good at concisely stating your business idea. A lot of entrepreneurs fail in this area. It is important because you will need to communicate this to prospects, investors and new employees. What I have kept in my mind constantly over the years, is one internal question as I have started expounding on some idea: Later tonight, GL, (what I call myself) what will he say to Hilda about my idea? Or, as a great friend used to say over and over again, “if it is fuzzy in the pulpit, it is really fuzzy in the pews.”


This is from  A Complete List of 100 Attributes of People Who Start Companies:How You Can Be One of America’s Entrepreneurs. from an old post Dec 2007.


I remembered the post but forgot the source. I searched heaven and earth because I did not remember enough to do it properly. I knew that there were lots of Venn diagrams in his blog posts so I searched for Venn diagrams and was rewarded with some other nice articles.  Finally I found it in my own Linklog written in 2009! Somethings are worth searching for, and finding and sharing (again).

Yes. I updated the post and even changed the title a bit. I went from one advice to 2. But there are a cool 98 others worth checking out.