LinkLog: Big data: What’s Your Plan?

From Big Data – What is Your Plan?

create a simple plan for how data, analytics, frontline tools, and people come together to create business value. The power of a plan is that it provides a common language allowing senior executives, technology professionals, data scientists, and managers to discuss where the greatest returns will come from and, more important, to select the two or three places to get started.

The plan, according to this article contains three elements – Data, Analytics and Tools.

Plans may highlight a need for the massive reorganization of data architectures over time: sifting through tangled repositories (separating transactions from analytical reports), creating unambiguous golden-source data,2 and implementing data-governance standards that systematically maintain accuracy…

Integrating data alone does not generate value. Advanced analytic models are needed – A plan must identify where models will create additional business value, who will need to use them…

Intuitive tools that integrate data into day-to-day processes and translate modeling outputs into tangible business actions

This article gives a sense of several fine grained opportunities in the Big Data Area.