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Cloud Services – if not now, when?

The notion of using cloud-based services still terrifies enterprise IT pros, even though such services have advanced in both quality and variety for years. IT pros remain frozen by the specter of losing control of data, security breaches and random service outages. Some of these reasons may be losing validity.

BMW Accelerates Private to Hybrid Cloud

Benefits of cloud computing may not be immediate; it takes some time to get things right. Enterprises need to establish a successful private cloud first — and get all the benefits they can there — before moving workloads out of the company, Mueller emphasized.

Emergence of Different Models of Cloud Computing in Israel

According to the paper on Israeli Data Protection Law: Constitutional, Statutory and Regulatory Reform, many organizations in the country tend to focus more on internal, private cloud implementations.

Israel’s top eight cloud computing firms

The computing world is going online like never before. By utilizing resources on the Internet — “cloud” — companies can avoid laying out large sums of money on IT systems. Every day, additional services and enterprise applications are accessible on reliable, secure and high-speed servers. And Israeli companies are playing a key role in this cloud revolution.

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