Book Log: Build A Sales Machine

Quotes from the book – Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine by Ross, Aaron; Marylou Tyler.

If there’s a way to take a part of your service that is useful by itself and make it free, this will generate (more) leads and become your best sales tool.

as long as you keep creating great content and building smart links, the number of leads generated from SEO goes up and up.

At some point in the lifetime of a blog, after a critical mass of audience is built, things begin to pick up on their own. This can take months or, more likely if you’re new, years.

Permission-based direct email marketing is still THE most important marketing technique both to develop new leads and nurture old ones.

webinars are not for selling but for teaching: TEACH people something useful in the webinar.

Social media adds a human face to your company. However, it does not immediately drive a lot of direct traffic that converts into leads.

Just started reading the book. This chapter is an intro to sales and lead generation. I already like the book a lot. Easy to read and lots of sensible advice. It is a great find. Thanks to Krish for mentioning it in a Facebook Group and  thanks to Girish for recommending it to Krish.

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    1. Venkat,
      This is a tiny portion of the first recommended reading chapter for newbies (Chapter 6). So I have not even scratched the surface. It is a great book to guide us.

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