Three Podcast Links Worth Checking Out

I was listening to the podcast –¬†Happiness. Todd Kashdan, Eric Lambin, Eva Hoffman. 22 Dec 2012. ¬†Some ideas from the podcast:

  • Learn to be curious. When we are curious, we like to explore, discover things. Exploration helps us grow, evolve.
  • Happiness depends on the ability to tolerate pain ( it never occurred to me to link happiness to pain)
  • Invest in relations – having a sense of connection with other human beings increases happiness
  • Happiness is related to the way you experience time
  • Happiness is also related to the way you experience experience

While listening to the podcast, I heard two other links mentioned, which are worth investigating.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as I do. Did you find others, you like? Please share them.