Morning Inspiration: The Corn is a Tangent And Other Mini-Stories of Connecting with Students

It is nice to see a teacher attempting to use simple tools to help students learn better. This is the story of an innovative teacher connecting students to Geometry through Twitter.

“When will we use this?” It’s the question all teachers hate and motivated me to change my approach to teaching. Being a geometry teacher, it was easy for me to find life applications of my subject. I found myself snapping pictures daily and adding them into my smart board lessons. It wasn’t until I went to Alan November’s conference in Austin that I realized there were easier and faster ways to bring “real life” into my classroom. Why had I never thought of any of this before?

Read this article on how the teacher uses Twitter to engage her students. The title is derived from one of the tweets of the student.


I love @researchbuzz. It is one of the best resources if you do any kind of web research. My route to this article was a retweet from Tara  that led me to @mrsjcaviness