Product Conclave – An Agenda That Will Blow Your Mind

I love the tag line. Product Conclave – for product folk, by product folk with product folk. First I thought it was a bit cheesy but thinking a bit about it, every bit of it is true. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this agenda (I shamelessly copied from the site).

Some of the Sessions to watch out for…

  • Techniques to get early adopters for Your Product
  • Scaling Up – How crowd-sourcing and co-creation are proving their worth
  • App Monetization: Show Me The Money. Session update…
  • Confluence of Mobile & Retail
  • The Need, Process and Impact of Pivoting!
  • Opportunities in Big Data & Internet of Things
  • Content Marketing – Is this weapon missing from your Marketing Arsenal?
  • Responsive Design For Web + Mobile Apps
  • How to build user experiences for non-technical users?
  • Doing It The Sri Sri Way: The Art of Hiring & Managing An Inside Sales Team – Mukund Mohan
  • “Don’t bombard your prospects, nurture them before they are ready to Buy!”
  • “When and How to Hire Your First Sales Lead……..and Mistakes to Avoid”
  • Putting together a investor pitch deck – what are the key ingredients?
  • Sizing the Indian Market

This is just a little peek. There is more coming.

I won’t miss this event. The thought of rubbing shoulders with all those product folks is kind of appealing .  Are you going to be there? If so check out  this site.