Do You Manage Facebook Groups? This App May be Useful To You

We moved several Google Groups to Facebook over the last year. We found that the comment spam is a lot more manageable on FaceBook. One of the problems with the Facebook group is that some useful and important threads are lost. There is no easy way to capture them. I always wanted a simple thread capture app that can capture a thread of discussion and save it to a document. Here are a few examples:

  • In Chennai Open Coffee Club, we started an introduction thread. We wanted to save all replies and create a simple directory from these replies. We wanted to store it in the group as a shared document for people to see (or edit).
  • Once in a while some one asks for a resource and gets lots of answers. Some examples include good books for startups, list of angel networks etc. We wanted to get all these replies and store the resources in a resource document.
  • Some discussions are useful and interesting. We want these to be captured so that new entrants to this group can see what happened.

Krishna and Souvik  of (Un)ClassRoom run a course on creating Facebook apps. Krishna requested me to give some challenges to the students.  I suggested that they build a conversation saver app (and a few others).

That is how FB Conversation Saver was born. Vinay, one of the students hacked it as part of his course work. After a couple of iterations it is really good and usable. Try it out and let us know how we can make it better.  Leave your comments/Likes on this page.

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