A Map of Chennai Startup Ecosystem

Decided to take a shot at mapping the players in Chennai Statup Ecosystem. Let me know through comments whether I missed out anything important. This is clearly work in progress.


Plans for the next version:

  • Expand the work of each player (attach a document) and link them to their websites/facebook pages.
  • Apply any changes/corrections suggested by others
  • Make this a clickable image map (slightly longer term)


5 thoughts on “A Map of Chennai Startup Ecosystem

  1. Wow! a brilliant thought put into action that is highly laudable. Thanks a ton Dorai.

    A suggestion: one link could be added with the label ‘Can network/collaborate with’ and point to other ‘Start-ups’. And in future, whenever the node becomes a clickable hypernode, the could link to a list of start-ups with a brief bio of each.

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