Indian Angel Network – A Few Facts

Notes from a Presentation by Vidya and comments from a couple of Angels from the Indian Angel Network (IAN) heard at the Headstart event in Chennai:

Indian Angel Network:

  • Averaged one investment per month in 2012
  • Has about 200 angels in its network
  • Funded OrangeScape, a Chennai based fast growing Cloud Company
  • Typically invests anywhere from 25 lakhs to 5 crores. Their sweet spot is around 2.5 crores
  • Is sector agnostic
  • Has many investors with Chennai connections
  • Has investors from India, USA and Europe
  • Investments of less than 75 lakhs are on a fast track
  • Don’t need the founders to be college graduates (in answer to a question from audience)
  • Some times split large investments into two phases (part of it to cover risk and part of it for growth)
  • Provide both strategic and operational direction
  • Provide smart capital (not only money but help in growing your business)
  • Provide a large contact base for business owners to get help from (connections of 200+ angels)

During discussions, they gave some guidelines on where they invest with respect to city based angels and VCs.

< 1 crore rupes (roughly US $200,000) – seed or local angel

1- 5 crores – IAN

> 5 crores – VC firms

I am hoping to get the presentation from Vidya and link it here. Were you at the event? Did I miss anything significant about IAN? Please add your input and thoughts in the comments.