On a Lighter Note: Ironing Clothes and Drifting a bit

My wife and children make fun of my speed of ironing (pressing)  clothes. I seem to take about 3-4 times the amount of time they normally take. After a bit of analysis I came to the following conclusions:

  1. I use ironing time as thinking time. So I seem to mindlessly do the same thing over and over again. I can easily go into an infinite loop and not mind at all since it gives me more time to think/daydream.
  2. I drift into thinking about better design of iron, better design of iron board, ironing robots, wrinkle free clothes and anything but the process of ironing. This seems to be a common pattern in my life.
  3. Ironing and listening to music and day dreaming  seem to be very complimentary.
  4. I think I am spoiled by the ironing service in my street in Chennai. I ping them to see if they are available. I send   a bunch of washed, wrinkled clothes and get back  neatly pressed clothes. This transaction is a bit asynchronous. Ping, request, response, payload trigger images of http request/response.
  5. This drift, if it lasts long enough, gets me to the meta think mode. I notice that tech terms like meta are seeping into my speech fairly frequently –  asynchronous requests, symmetric relationships, lazy evaluation are some of the more common terms.
  6. I bug my wife with some of this terminology and concepts for real life actions. Some times I tell her in a shopping mall – “Let us do this in parallel.  You can do this, this and this and I will do this. We can synch up after we finish”.
  7. I know I drift. This post itself is one of those examples with thoughts triggering other thoughts.