A Vibrant And Inspiring Academic Platform for Intellectual Dialog

What do engineering colleges have in common with simulation of world bodies like G20 and UN? I got my answer  at Hindustan Young Leaders Conference (hycl) conducted at KCG Tech.  Not sure how it came about, but it is such a brilliant idea. Bringing a groups of young people to discuss world affairs, using models of various world bodies to do the simulation.

There is no doubt that doing a  simulation is one of the best ways to understand how things work. So in this unusual style conference, after an invigorating keynote, there were six parallel simulations of international bodies including UN and G20.

Dr. Elizabeth Verghese set a great context to the event.

HYLC is a dynamic, vibrant and inspiring academic platform for intellectual dialogues, discussing solutions to various challenges that face today’s world leaders. Beyond developing youngsters into great leaders and debaters, it will also enhance their knowledge, impel them to reseach and reflect on global issues, hone their diplomatic skills to negotiate and empower them to become effective leaders.

This event brings together outstanding young students and professionals from around the world to build critical leadership skills in a global context. This will simulate some of the most important international bodies giving our youth a unique chance to discuss and debate.
Intellectual capital is one of the main pillars on which great nations are built. Educational institutions play a crucial role in the journey of developing this intellectual assets and future leaders of every nation.
There it is. Conferences like HYLC, help educational institutions play a crucial role in the journey of developing intellect and future leaders.
The quality of questions, the confident manner in which they were asked shows that young people think  a lot about world affairs. They came prepared to question, debate and expand their minds.
I will leave you with a couple of thoughts:
  • If these kinds of events both engage and develop intellect, should we more of them? At least mini or informal versions? Should there be a young leaders club in your college?
  • Are there other similar good ideas we can adopt, improve and share?
Watching these confident and well informed young people gives me a lot of hope and confidence. Hope we have more events like this.

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