Python and Digital Asset Librarians

In one of my Infostreams alerts, there was an entry for a Librarian job. Out of curiosity I clicked on the link and was surprised to see these job skill  requirements (partial) for a Digial Asset’s Librarian.

knowledge of emerging trends in scholarly communications and library and information technologies.

MLS degree (or recognized equivalent) from an ALA-accredited program;
demonstrated large-scale project management expertise;
demonstrated experience with XML, applying metadata standards and schema, and controlled vocabularies;
demonstrated expertise with one or more metadata manipulation and scripting languages (e.g. XSLT, Perl, Python);
demonstrated applied web application development experience, including familiarity with development frameworks (e.g. Ruby on Rails, Django), and application programming language(s) such as Java, PHP, or others;
familiarity with semantic and linked data standards such as RDF and OWL;

Text/Data manipulation, scripting and meta data – are these  the new skills needed in science, engineering and knowledge work?