A Tweet Is…

I keep thinking about my compulsion to tweet. After a bit of reflection, I concluded that to me a tweet is:

  1. A shared (social?) bookmark – something I want to remember with some context
  2. A fleeting thought – something I want to capture but mull over later
  3. An opinion – an opinion fragment, really. It may be mine or something that I resonate with
  4. A question – I may not even state it as a question but sometimes it is really a question
  5. A quote – I don’t always put it in quotes but the link provides a context
  6. An idea – Something I want to throw out there and see what people think
  7. A signal – Mostly to myself but it is kind of public
  8. A note – Lots of times it is just a note (with no opinion or endorsement attached)
  9. Reflection – You know what I mean
  10. Just a way of thinking aloud – Think along with me, it says (sometimes).

What is it to you?

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