My Ideal Twitter Client

Having used Twitter for a while, I am slowly reducing the amount of time I spend on Twitter clients. I feel some times that I am missing out on good stuff. I started thinking about an ideal Twitter client for my needs. Here is what I came up with.  Some of it is being done by other clients but I do not know of anything that does it all.

My ideal twitter client will have the following features:

  1. Gather all tweets from my timeline and store them in my own infowiki (and expand the links). Automatically link related tweets, retweets, conversations.
  2. Automatically select the ones I like and create a special page (based on my likes both implicit and explicit)
  3. Allow me to schedule tweets and repeat tweets (based on a set of rules)
  4. Will save my tweets in my infowiki
  5. Will track conversations around my tweets and my favorites in other places
  6. Let me easily tweet from any device with the same functionality
  7. Let me set rules for notifications, filtering, clustering, interlinking
  8. Let me tweet from multiple Twitter accounts
  9. Will bring back discussions around my tweets from FB and LinkedIn
  10. Create a trending topics page for me to view (it will look nothing like the stuff that Twitter does now) based on my interest graph
  11. Create a recommended list of people to follow (by using Twitter search to track my extended profile)
  12. Identify lists and influencers relevant to products/business
Can this be done? Sure. Does a client like this exist? I do not know. It will be nice project to try out a bit of text analytics, machine learning and a mashup using several APIs.

5 thoughts on “My Ideal Twitter Client

  1. Fascinating post. I alaways admire stamina and bandwidth you have to think so much for sale of productivity improvments. But while I read through I find how much behind I am in thinking and aspiring. But I am sure I will track and follow you while I many never come close to your discoveries. All the best

    1. Thanks. One of the things I constantly think about is how to reduce the time I spend without losing the benefits. It leads to me to all these wish lists. I have time to work on some of them and don’t have much time for the others. I am hoping that some one will turn this into a bunch of little products.

  2. Sorry for spelling mistake. I meant FOR SAKE OF PRODUCTIVITY IMPROVEMENTS.

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