Semantic Web InfoStream – 20th May 2011

New Additions to the SemTech SF program
Aditya Kalyanpur, research staff member for IBM Research will lead a session entitled “Building Watson: An Overview of the DeepQA Project for the Jeopardy! Challenge,” a discussion of the the DeepQA technology and describe what it was like to build a Watson, the computer system that won on Jeopardy!

Thoughts on the Intelligent Web
from Sir Tim Berners-Lee: “It’s not the Social Network Sites that are interesting – it is the Social Network itself. The Social Graph. The way I am connected, not the way my Web pages are connected. We can use the word Graph, now, to distinguish from Web. I called this graph the Semantic Web, but maybe it should have been Giant Global Graph!”
Music and the Semantic Web workshop
About ease of editing and owning of music metadata (who should own it? third parties? artists? record labels? who should host the canonical URI for an artist?), about relationships of Semantic Web standards with industry standards like ISRCs, ISNIs, MPEG etc.
Thematic Series around #RDF in chemistry now online
Thematic Series around #RDF in chemistry now online Thanx to the great support from the people at BioMed Central / Chemistry Central (not sure how apart / the same these two are), and Jan and Bailey in particular!, the Thematic Series around the ACSRDF2010 meeting of last August in Boston, …
Spotlight on Syllabs
A recent article highlights Syllabs, “a web service built to apply semantic analysis to website text in a few extremely useful ways. The Syllabs API can detect the language of text, detect which ‘named entities’ a block of text mentions (people, businesses) and find related keywords to any keyword. When you hear about the semantic web, this is the sort of API driving that future.”

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