Daily Links May 20, 2011kill

Source: Check page alerts, InfoMinder, Infostreams and Twitter Stream

Top 75 College Education Tweets and Twitter Accounts  via @onlinecourse
Unemployed, educated, and indebted, more Millennials seeking work beyond U.S via @onlinecourse

Hacker Monthly  Hacker Monthly – checkout the special issue on startup stories. I found this via YC News and a @checkpage alert.

Growing need for data heads  US will need 140,000 to 190,000 more people with “deep analytical” and data analysis skills. A bigger more surprising number is  the  need for 1.5 million more data-literate managers.  Now let me go and Google ‘data literate managers’. From indeed.com:

Data Literate Managers jobs nationwide (about 1,704 jobs).
Data Literate jobs nationwide (about 4,827 jobs).

Quite a skill gap.  Go and do a job search on LinkedIn for Data Scientists. The last time I looked there were about 16. They may hire more, now that they had a good IPO.

WeekendHacker A boutique network of developers & designers. Find help for your (very) small projects. I did not find much on the site when I registered. I got an email confirmation asking me to email projects to a given address. But the concept of a market for small apps is interesting.