8 things I Know Now, I wish I Knew in College and a Few More

  • The importance of relationships.
  • How much writing matters.
  • Why I need “soft skills.”
  • The skills I learned outside the classroom were more important than the ones I learned inside it.
  • Money doesn’t matter as much as you think.
  • That I should apply for jobs I’m not completely qualified for.

What about you? What do you know now that YOU wish you would have known when you were in college?

Really a good list and a must read for all students. I will add a few of mine there:

  • The importance of learning how to research
  • Working on projects, however small
  • Learning a bit about the industry (would have helped me know why were were learning what we were learning)

4 thoughts on “8 things I Know Now, I wish I Knew in College and a Few More

  1. Thanks for the link, Dorai. Like your addition about taking on smaller projects. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t volunteer for all those additional projects when I was just starting out.

    1. Arik,
      My pleasure. I work on setting up innovation cells in a couple of colleges in India and sent it to those students as well. I really wish, I had read this post when I was in college. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really liked this statement:

    “Relationships get jobs. Referrals get jobs. Great work gets jobs. A resume is just a piece of paper.”

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