Blog Shift – It happens

The reason I blog changes a bit all the time. Initially, it was a way to jot down the important parts of my learning. It was my Learning Memory and a bonus was to start a few conversations.

Now there is a bit of a shift. From a LearnLog, my blog is moved to a ReadLog (a log of things I read) and would like to share. The shift happened due to two reasons – there is more information to share and more tools to share information (like Twitter, Quora, Curated by).

It is now slowly morphing into a  ThinkLog. The blog posts get smaller. They are mostly triggered by what I read, but also what I think. That is too small to share on Twitter. So in essence my blog has become a Microblog with an occasional post of original content. Is that good or bad? I don’t know.  We will find out soon enough.