Micropreneurs and True Fans

The notion of 1,000 True Fans was a theory I suggested a few years ago. It got a lot of web attention. The idea is that an artist, musician, filmmaker, photographer, or author might be able to make a decent living supported by just 1,000 true fans. A true fan is someone who would buy whatever you produced during the year, and would spend say at least $50 on your stuff, go to every one of your shows, or signings, purchase anything you produced. If the independent artist dealt directly with these fans, getting most of what they paid (unlike the deal under publishers, labels, studios, galleries) then the arithmetic suggested an artist could, in theory, need no more than 1,000 fans to make a $50,000 living.

via kk.org

Can a Micropreneur, have true fans. People who buy whatever we produce or sell? When you are focused on a small number of true fans, what would you do different? How will you make sure that their enthusiasm for what you do is kept alive, year after year?

I got this link from a tweet from http://twitter.com/#!/timkastelle.