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Statistical learning plays a key role in many areas of science, finance andindustry. Here are some examples of learning problems:

  • Predict whether a patient, hospitalized due to a heart attack, will have a second heart attack. The prediction is to be based on demographic,diet and clinical measurements for that patient.
  • Predict the price of a stock in 6 months from now, on the basis of company performance measures and economic data.
  • Identify the numbers in a handwritten ZIP code, from a digitized image.
  • Estimate the amount of glucose in the blood of a diabetic person,from the infrared absorption spectrum of that person’s blood.
  • Identify the risk factors for prostate cancer, based on clinical and demographic variables.

The science of learning plays a key role in the fields of statistics, datamining and artificial intelligence, intersecting with areas of engineering and other disciplines.


Not a single word above is mine. One of the tweets I received talks about using R for machine learning. I am curious about this subject and may even use it for some of our products. R comes up a lot in many things I read about data. So I decided to investigate. Here is the journey of articles I found and ended downloading the free book on Elements of Statistical Learning.

  1. I lost the link to the tweet and decided to get help from Google and searched for “R for machine learning”
  2. Found this link interesting and made it my starting point – Guide to getting started in Machine Learning.
  3. Found a fascinating link on How Google and Facebook are using R. Who can resist that?
  4. Got started with Elements of Statistical Learning

So here I am. I have not even started the book and not sure how long it will take me. I found this fascinating list of examples of machine learning and thought that it may be a great motivator for others like me who may wish to embark on this learning journey.

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